Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding : Sharon & KC

Syukur kerana Allah SWT telah mempermudahkan segala kerja2 yang kaseh lakukan. Latest project kaseh for Chinese Wedding, pasangan Sharon & KC yang belansung di Holiday Inn Melaka.

Sara, the Marketing Executive Holiday Inn yg handle wedding Fina & Stuart tu suka dengan deco and every details that i put in during their wedding. Then she appoint me to help her to do all the stationery details and deco for her candy bar for wedding her sister, Sharon.

Sharon, the bride, her mum personally told me that they loved everything and those detailsthat i did for them. I am so happy for that. Finishingnyer adalah kerja tangan, so kena buat dengan hati-hati dan penuh kaseh!

Insert pocket card, i personally lovedd this card! Bermulanya di card ni and the rest of the look is the same print, colour and design. Lovely

Table Number

Gifts: Key Chain - 800 pcsGifts: Kipas Tangan for Pool receptions Candy Bar

Hall of fame!