Monday, April 30, 2007

New for kaseh

Black Hong Kong RM190.00 (cant repeat order-out of stock)
Red Large RM160.00(cant repeat order out of stock)

White Hong Kong RM140.00 (Cant repeat order - out of stock)

White Hong Kong Large RM160.00
Retro yang manis RM10.00 each

Hi, new from kaseh.

Email me or call me at 019-3936088 if want to a a pcs of them in your cupboard.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

cherita kaseh

Assalamualaikum Semua!

kaseh, a nice klasik name pick by my hubby (thank u love) for my brand of all the product yang i jual from home.

About Me...
Linda Aziz, married with 2 lovely & charming boy. There are my Al Nabil & Al Naufal. I love writing, cooking, travel and suka sangat buat business.
Officially i am working as a PR & Media person for Elyna Effendi. I work 2 or 3 times a week. Allhamdulillah, thank you Elyna... for this trust and your kindness.Travel on daily basis to my office kat KL and i tinggal kat Melaka. Almost 3 years dah cam ni.
Allhamdulillah Allah beri i kekuatan untuk melakukan semua ini dlm satu masa. Penat cam ne pun bila balik my hubby tunggu i kat JUSCO tu with my two putera dlm kereta semua penat tu hilang.

I suka buat apa-apa yang cantik dipandang mata, mcm buat gift or even kalau kita jual barang-barang perhiasan wanita yang kita buat sendiri and it look good on people that wearing it, i will be so happy. I always want to make other people around me happy.

In Melaka i hope to get to know more people, make more freinds and i have my best freind kat Melaka, her name is also Linda, but coz we both have the same name, so i call her Junior. She have a shop in Plaza Mahkota. She give me space to put my barang under kaseh brand in her shop and she help me to sell. Thanks Junior!
So, if you want to view more nice things please visit us at :
Jalan PM5, Plaza Mahkota
To Alia (Gerek), thank you coz introducekan blog ni kat Kak Linda ya. Is really nice to know u. Pls do keep in touch ya!

Linda Aziz